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Lifetime Achievement Award for Ruth Northway

author icon author icon 20/11/2018 author icon News

All Wales People First, Board member Ruth Northway has won an important award.

It came from the Royal College of Nursing.

It is to recognise a lifetime achievement.

This recognises all the work she has done over the years.

Ruth has helped:

  • To advocate for good nursing for people with learning disabilities.
  • To educate people to be learning disability nurses.
  • To make the case for more learning disability nurses.

Ruth has also done a lot of important research work to help people with learning disabilities live a better life.

She has worked with people with learning disabilities as co-researchers on important projects.

Ruth also has taken part in lots of expert groups to help increase the quality of life for people with learning disabilities.

This includes being co-chair of the Learning Disability Advisory Group (LDAG).

Ruth’s work is well known and well respected in many countries.

She is an important ambassador for people with learning disabilities.

Ruth’s award is important because there aren’t enough learning disability nurses.

It is also not known if there will be learning disability nurses in the future.

Learning Disability nurses are important to us.

We need them to make sure we are safe.

And we get the best care possible in hospitals.

Hopefully Ruth’s award will inspire others to follow her into learning disability nursing.

Congratulations Ruth.

And thank you for being on our side.


Article by Joe Powell

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