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We’re in Geneva!

author icon author icon 15/03/2024 author icon News

We’re in Geneva for the United Nations Scrutiny of UK Government’s Human Rights Record

Joe Powell our Chief Executive has travelled to Geneva for a few days, with many other representatives from UK Disabled People’s organisations (DPO’s)

The UK government will be facing the United Nations about violating disabled people’s rights.

DPOs and activists are there to hear the evidence.

Watch The Hearing

When? Monday, March 18th, 2024

What time? 2pm-3:30pm UK time (it will be happening at 3pm on Geneva’s timezone). If you cannot watch it live, the recording should be ready afterwards on the link below.

Where? You can watch it online via UN livestream website, at this link.

The hearing will be signed in International Sign, which is different to BSL.

There will also be live, embedded captions on the live stream.

How you can get involved

  1. Search #CRDP24 on social media
  2. Follow the delegation on X (formerly Twitter):
  3. You can share the messages by reposting
  4. Share your own thoughts about what is said at the hearing using #CRDP24
  5. Share a video about your own lived experience
  6. Write to your MP calling for the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People to be incorporated in to UK legislation. Here is an example letter you can use or adapt if you’d like to.

You can find your MP here

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