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Archive: Mar 2023

Diary update: Sophie, March 2023

author icon author icon 22/03/2023 author icon Member Stories

I’ve been back and forth to Cardiff three times in the past three weeks and I’ll be back there again…

Joe’s Soapbox

author icon author icon 17/03/2023 author icon Joe's Soapbox

All Wales People First have been aware that our local groups have faced difficult times. It is not just Self-Advocacy…

Diary update: Ffion, March 2023

author icon author icon 13/03/2023 author icon Member Stories

Last time we spoke I was stuck in Vienna; today I’m in work and these days I’m in work every…

Diary update: Nicole, March 2023

author icon author icon 09/03/2023 author icon Member Stories

It’s snowing here! I have a support worker most days, but we’ve cancelled her today because of the weather. It’s…