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Diary update: Ffion, March 2023

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Last time we spoke I was stuck in Vienna; today I’m in work and these days I’m in work every day! 

Caerphilly People First had some funding from Comic Relief to provide a cookery course for members, to help them make healthy meals and encourage independent living.  We have anything from 25 – 36 members coming each Friday for our cookery sessions; they’re really popular.  Members can pick a dish they’d like us to cook and everyone helps out with the preparation.

I’m also still busy delivering the Relationships course that I started with Lisa from Insight.  I now deliver it on my own on some occasions – to groups or to individuals.  We’ll be providing a workshop on healthy relationships at AdFest this year. Talking of AdFest, I’m really looking forward to it this year.

I’m off to Cardiff this weekend, staying overnight in a hotel and having drinks with friends.  I’m lucky that I live with family and so the cost of living crisis isn’t really impacting on me.

Those of you who have read my diaries over the past couple of years will know that I have struggled with poor mental health and anxiety sometimes. I feel that my mental health is much more under control these days.  I am on the Autism spectrum and as part of that I have something called ‘Auditory Processing Disorder’.  I have been given an aid to help with this and am getting support from some people at Autistic Minds who I meet up with on a weekly basis. This is really helping me.

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