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Diary update, Richard: June 2024

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I’ve been able to attend the last few National Council meetings as I’ve been helping our NC Rep Adam and I’ve been supporting the rep for Neath and Port Talbot. I’m pleased to still be involved with that as I was disappointed when I was no longer the rep for the area.

Our funding application for the cookery courses was successful – we’ve bought some new aprons and we’re starting the cookery groups in other areas.

I’ve been doing some fundraising with one of our members Richard. He took part in the Swansea half marathon in his wheelchair, and I’ve been doing the step challenge and we’re raising money for Your Voice Advocacy.

I’m also a member of the Disabled Supporters Association for Swansea City football club. I’m hoping to be elected to their committee.

My dad died recently, and I am getting used to living on my own after being dad’s carer for a long time.  It’ll be my first Father’s Day without him.  I’m going to take time to think of something special to remember him by.  It’s a big change for me.  I do have a brother and sister-in-law who support me but I am very independent.

We went to the Swansea Co-Production network meeting – it’s started up again.  We represent people with a learning disability and we’re making sure that all service users have their say in the services provided, from the very beginning. 

I’m now Membership Secretary for YVA and I chaired the AGM recently. 

I’m hoping to join a pool team soon – I need to practise a lot yet, but it would be great to join them and get to travel around for matches.

We’re still working with the Dylan Thomas Centre. Because of that we were asked to look at the Ethics Policy for the Museums Associations. I made sure they thought about people with disabilities and how easy to access exhibits are.

I helped AWPF with their interviews a couple of months ago and have also done the same with Social Services. I really enjoy being part of the interview panel.

I am going to vote in the general election but I’m thinking carefully about who is going to have my vote. Your Voice Advocacy is holding a workshop for everyone on 27th June.  Some members feel that their vote won’t count and we’re going to do some activities about why every vote matters. 

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