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Diary update: Nicole, March 2023

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It’s snowing here! I have a support worker most days, but we’ve cancelled her today because of the weather.

It’s ages since we last chatted.  I’ve booked my AdFest 2023 place – I’m sharing with my friend Becky who is in the drag group with me.

Talking of House of Deviant, the drag group I’m involved in – when we last chatted, I was looking forward to the Christmas performance.  It was a sell out!  It was really successful. 

We’re working towards a few more performances now and we’re doing a Eurovision one in May.  I spend a lot of time practising for the performances – we meet every Tuesday for rehearsals.

Do you know it takes 3 hours to put the make up on when you’re dressing up in drag.  Only 5 minutes to take it off again though, thank goodness. 

It’s Ernie Sparkles’ birthday this week and we’re having a party at the weekend so I’m looking forward to that. 

I’ve been doing quite a bit of stuff since we last chatted – I’ve got a new boyfriend, I’ve been to Harry Potter World (amazing!), I met the rugby player Rhys Priestland the other day and we had our picture taken with him.

I am having to be a bit more careful about where I go and what I do because of the cost of living crisis. Things are much more expensive.  I’m a bit worried about work though as the funding comes to an end in March and I’m not sure if that will affect my employment

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