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Joe’s Soapbox May 2019

author icon author icon 01/05/2019 author icon Joe's Soapbox

MIRROR Strategy
In 2017 we held an evaluation.
This is when we asked you what you think about us.
What we do well.
What we could be better at.
This information has helped write our MIRROR Strategy.
This replaces our Business Plan.
In the evaluation we promised that we would do things to get better.
We promised many things.
The main things we promised are:
• To connect with North Wales more.
• Chief Executive to meet more groups.
• To have a stronger voice in the media.
• To do more lobbying and campaigning.
• To make more people aware of People First.
• To work with people with other disabilities.
• To give more voice to people with learning disabilities who have not had the chance to be self-advocates.
We want you to judge us on how well we do the things we promised.
We want to prove to you that we listen to your views.
But more importantly….
That we do something about them.
All Wales People First will be producing pledge updates on our Facebook pages.
A pledge is a promise.
Every time we do what we have promised we will tell you.
But you must hold us to account.
Check that we are doing as we promised.
All Wales People First belongs to you.
The staff work for you.
Our MIRROR Strategy for 2019/2023 is now ready.
We have two versions.
1) Easy Read (English)
2) Full Version
A Welsh version is being made.
This will be ready soon.
You can find the MIRROR Strategy on our website.
It is in the resource area.
Thank you to everyone who helped us write this:
• Evaluation responders
• National Council
• Board of Directors
• AWPF Staff
We hope you like the MIRROR Strategy.

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