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Yvonne Boxall: Celebrating 10 years of the Chief Executive with lived experience of learning disability services

author icon author icon 10/10/2022 author icon News

“When you’re looking at a sea change, as we were in creating the National Director’s job back in 2011, with all the risks involved, with all the voices that are sounding so skeptical, it takes a big leap of faith to plough on. This was the case when we were planning a new National Director’s post to head up All Wales People First which would change our whole way of working. 

And then, through all the worry and doubt, fate deals you a lucky hand because out of nowhere came Joe Powell who, through his own incredible journey, had ‘landed’ in Newport. What an amazing set of circumstances that led Joe to this job and what a success he’s made of it. It was meant to be.

A thoughtful, humble, clever and courageous man that never stops questioning, never forgets his roots nor the things that really matter, and keeps right on going through the tough times. 

Congratulations Joe on 10 wonderful years in the job. I can’t believe what you’ve achieved in a decade and I never imagined for one minute that AWPF would get this lucky!”

Yvonne Boxall

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