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Through our Eyes Project competition

author icon author icon 22/04/2020 author icon News

You can learn more about the Through our Eyes Photography Project by visiting the project page here

The competition is called “Life Under Lockdown”

Think about how your life is different now to how it was before we all had to stay at home.

What are the things that matter to you? What is different in your life now and how do you feel about it?

There are two categories in the competition that you can enter.

You can enter the video category.

You can enter the photos category.

You can enter the video and photos category or just one of them.

Video Category

Your video will be about your life under lockdown.

You can talk about how you are feeling and what you are doing.

Or you can show us what you are doing. Your video can be serious or funny.

You can only enter one video to this competition.

Choose your best video!

Photos Category

In the photos category we want you to send us 5 photos about your life under lockdown.

Your photos can show what you do and what you see.

Your photos can show where you are and where you go.

Your photos can show people or places or objects/things(?).

Your photos can show how you are feeling.

Your photos can be taken on different days or on the same day.


The prize for each category will be a £25 Amazon voucher.

How to enter

You can give us your photos and videos on Facebook messenger

Or you can email Natasha Hirst

We are all looking forward to seeing your photos and videos!

The deadline is the 22nd May 2020.

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