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The M.I.R.R.O.R. Awards 2021

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We are having an online awards ceremony at AdFest on 23rd June. The awards are to celebrate the great things self-advocates and groups have done over the last year.

There are 6 awards. You can put yourself forward for 1 award or more than 1 award. You can also put someone else’s name forward for an award. The 6 awards are:

Members – Linton Gower Memorial Award:This award is for a member or members who have done something outstanding towards the running of their self-advocacy group.

Ideas: This award is for a member, or a group, who have worked with others on an idea. The idea should be something that improves the lives of people with learning disabilities in Wales.

Rights:This award will go to a member or group who has helped people know about or access their rights.

Reflect: This award will go to a member or group who can show they have learnt from their experiences and made a change.

Organisation: This award is for a group that has worked together to be a strong group and included everyone.

Review: This award is for a group or member who has achieved something special.

You can enter yourself or someone else for an award by emailing or phoning Sarah to tell her:

  • Who you want to win the award
  • Which award you think they should win
  • Why you think they should win it
  • Your contact details so we can find out more

You can email Sarah at .Or you can phone Sarah on 07399 059609 on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 3pm.

The winners will be chosen by the Co-Chairs of the AWPF Board of Directors. All nominations must be received by Friday 7th May at 5pm.

Awards will be announced at Adfest on June 23rd.


  1. Carl James Millard

    CarlMillard & Samantha Taylor wood like to put our Name Forward for this Because we have work to on the meeting before more then once & we get on real well with each other sometime Samantha Taylor run thing pass my CarlMillard

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