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National Conference 2018

author icon author icon 31/01/2018 author icon Joe's Soapbox

I am delighted that this year’s National Conference will be held in North Wales.

This was decided by the National Council in December 2017.

They agreed it was only fair. All Wales People First have never had a conference in North Wales.

This isn’t because we don’t care about our members in North Wales.

And this isn’t because we don’t think North Wales is important.

This has been because for a few reasons. One of the big reasons is that most local groups and members live in South Wales.

We weren’t sure if enough members would turn up to a conference in North Wales.

The National Council voted that we should hold a conference in North Wales.

I would like to thank them for the maturity they showed in making this decision.

They thought about what was best for all members in Wales. Not just what was best for them.

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