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Message from Joe Powell, Chief Executive

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All Wales People First have been successful in a bid to produce a Human Rights solution with the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR).

The BIHR ‘community programme’ works with community and voluntary groups to address issues of social injustice. 

We applied and were one of six organisations chosen. 

Our idea is to produce a toolkit to help

people with learning disabilities to make a

Human Rights challenge if their Human Rights are breached. 

The toolkit will be accessible and will show members how to make a human rights

challenge if a decision that affects their life is unfair.

If the issue is not resolved it will then give

advice on how to take a case to a judicial


A judicial review is where you take a case to court. 

The judicial review decides whether the

decision taken by a public body is lawful or not. 

A public body could be a local authority.

This work is important because organisations like All Wales People First can’t help members with individual cases of injustice. 

The person who has suffered the injustice has to do this. 

We hope this toolkit will help with this. 

There is a gap between what the Social

Services and Well-being Wales Act says should happen for a good life for people with learning disabilities and what actually does happen. 

The idea for the toolkit was inspired by

member Jack Cavanagh. 

Jack is a member who was placed in a secure mental health unit because the services he needed couldn’t be provided for him. 

His case highlighted to us  just how powerless people with learning disabilities can be.

The final toolkit will be available in February or March of 2024.

It will be previewed at a Human Rights Day event in Westminster held by the BIHR on the 11th December. 

The Chair of the National Council Tracy

Austin and Vice Chair Sam Hall will represent All Wales People First at the event.

I would like to say a big thanks to members

David Whittle and Richard Redmond for

working on the design of the toolkit with the


Joe Powell, Chief Executive

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