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Member’s stories: Life in lockdown

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April 2020

Stacey’s story

I live with my Mum and younger sister, so we are in lockdown together. My mum has very bad asthma, which is a worry. I have a heart condition. Neither of us have had a letter from the doctor telling us that we have to stay at home though.

I really worry about my Mum getting the virus. I try to do some of the food shopping, but I’m really careful about social distancing. Sometimes I see people getting too close together when I’m shopping and that makes me nervous. I move away if I see that happening.

I go out for a walk with my dog and younger sister to try and relax my mind. I enjoy photography too, so I use photography when I’m out on my walks as a way of helping to manage my anxiety.

I’m used to seeing my fiancé a lot every week. We got engaged quite recently. I miss him so much it gets me down all day and every day.

It’s tough for us both right now and all I want is to be able to give him a cwtch and console him. We video chat a lot every day, and I have a cry every time afterwards.

It’s so hard to focus on positive stuff when I can’t see my Kurt. I’m not sure if we would have had a choice to lockdown together. As hard as it is being apart, it’s not really something we thought about as an option because we wanted to make sure we supported our families.

I watch the news to see if things look like they’re getting better, so I might get an idea of when I might be able to see Kurt next. I find the information difficult to understand though. I’m not very good at maths so I have to ask my Mum to explain the graphs and charts to me.

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