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Member’s stories: Life in lockdown

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Ffion’s story

April 2020

You’ve caught me on a good day today. Yesterday was pretty bad. I had a bit of a downer. Today I’ve had a shower and started my new diet and I feel motivated and positive.

The news it pretty confusing for me right now and people don’t always explain what it means which gets me down. I don’t understand if things are better or worse on any given day, and that makes me feel anxious.

They use big words on the news, which I don’t understand. There’s so much news on the internet and on social media, I don’t always know what’s new, what’s current, and what is fake news.

I’m doing some work from home for my local People First group. It helps me to feel positive but it’s such a big change to my usual routine because I‘m used to going in to work at the People First office most days.

I’ve set up a few video call group chats, which have been fun. It helped me to be feel good having a part in helping other people with learning disabilities to stay connected.

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