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Member’s stories: Life in lockdown

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Nicole’s story

4th June 2020

I’ve mostly been having good days, and just a few down days through lockdown.

I’ve been helping with some cooking, which has been good. I don’t usually do cooking.

I’ve also been for a few walks.

Me and Mum are having a new puppy soon. We’ve called her Princess. We haven’t got her yet and she’s already been spoilt rotten.

I’m pretty excited about having her, and can’t wait until we can collect her. We might be able to see her outside at social distance soon.

I’m hoping Mark Drakeford will ease the lockdown rules a little bit when the next announcement happens.

I know the rules have changed a bit recently, but me and Mum haven’t been to visit friends and family outdoors. We’ve stayed in lockdown so far.

I work at a care home as part of the entertainment team but I’m on furlough at the moment. I miss the staff and the residents. Some have passed away, which is very sad. I’m looking forward to being able to go back to work.

I’m missing my boyfriend, but we’ve been chatting on video messenger a bit. I’ve been trying to have as much fun as I can though. The Gig Buddies Kazoom and Tea parties have been lots of fun to join in with. They keep me connected, and I love doing my make-up for the Kazoom Party.

This is a picture of the new puppy we are having. Her name is Princess

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