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Life in lockdown: Stacey, June 2020

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26th June 2020

I’ve just had to go to the bank because I had fraud on my account. I can’t use my card until the new one arrives later this week.

I’ve not been feeling good at all over the last few weeks. I started to feel a bit better last week when I could see my fiancé at social distance. It’s been so long since we saw each other.

Between not being able to see Kurt and my Grandfather being very unwell, it all felt too much, and I felt really anxious.

My Grandfather had Coronavirus and was very unwell, but thank goodness he’s pulled through and, on the mend now.

I’m still out at in town at the moment. On my way to see Kurt after being at the Bank. I can see quite a few queues outside shops as I’m walking through town. I won’t be going shopping though. People get too close even though we’re supposed to be social distancing.

When we walked to the beach over the weekend, it was good to see that everyone was keeping their distance so nothing like Bournemouth and Ogmore.

I hate sand between my toes, but I do love the beach. It’s helped me massively through lockdown.

I’ll be putting together some photos for the Photography Project lockdown competition too. I take lots of pictures out on my lockdown walks.

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