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Life in lockdown: Sophie, Summer 2021

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May 2021

Work’s been busy!  It’s great to be back. We’re currently only open at the weekends but we’ll be open full time from next week.  It’s great to have a routine again.  Time seems to run away with you when you’re at home all day. 

I’ve been looking for some more voluntary work to replace my role as trustee for All Wales People First.  I had to finish because you can only serve for so long on the Board. 

Gig Buddies are having a social in Bute Park in Cardiff next Friday – an outdoor picnic.  Because I live so far away I’ve booked a hotel in Cardiff for the Friday night.  I don’t want to try to travel home late at night.  It doesn’t feel sensible to do that.

I finally had my tooth out this week – I had had to go back to the hospital for more antibiotics because the abscess was so bad, but it’s all gone now. I’ve bought myself an electric toothbrush too as I’ve had two teeth out since January and I don’t want any more problems.

July 2021

I’m working 6 evenings per week in the restaurant (as well as my cleaning job one day per week). My job has changed from working a couple of days a week to working six days and from washing up to waitressing and that’s quite a lot of change for me.  The restaurant is fully open and it’s so, so busy.  Everyone seems to be holidaying in west Wales and the caravan parks are full.  During the rugby weekend there wasn’t a very nice atmosphere – dealing with rude customers makes me feel quite anxious. I’ve still been having chest pains and the GP thinks it’s linked to anxiety.  I haven’t had chance to see my fiancé – he works days and I work evenings so that makes it difficult to plan any time together. So, there’s no wedding news I’m afraid!

The Gig Buddies social in Cardiff in May couldn’t go ahead because the weather was awful and it was an outdoor picnic event, but I still went to Cardiff anyway as I’d booked a hotel and we all went out for lunch in Nando’s. I’ve been back to Cardiff since to meet up with friends for Pride weekend.

I saw my sister and her dog a few weeks ago – she is part of the Through our Eyes Photography project and they came to Tenby to take some pics.  We had a great afternoon and my boss very kindly gave us drinks on the house.

I’ve got some events planned for later in the year – a holiday in Rhyl in September and the Stay Up Late Ambassadors’ Weekend in October. It’s great that restrictions have eased but I’m going to continue to wear my mask when I’m out and about – Covid cases are still quite high and you never know who might have it.

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