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Life in Lockdown: Sophie, September 2020

author icon author icon 14/10/2020 author icon Member StoriesNews

I’m having to isolate for 14 days from today, because I’m going into hospital for a procedure in October. That means I can’t work and I’ve had to cancel my new bathroom fitting. 

I cut my finger quite badly washing up in work the other day, I’m having to have it dressed at the surgery every couple of days.

I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to attend AWPF’s Birthday event, which is the same day as my hospital appointment; work have been fine about me having to take time off and my neighbour will take me to hospital and Dad will pick me up.

I haven’t seen my boyfriend though we still speak every day.  We were planning to meet up in Carmarthen again but I can’t do that now.  Everything does feel all back up in the air with the covid restrictions again.

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