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Life in lockdown: Sophie, October 2020

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14th October

Things have changed since my last update!  I was self-isolating ready for a hospital procedure but the procedure got cancelled because of staff sickness. I’d even had my Covid test (negative, thank goodness) in readiness.  I hope the new appointment comes through soon, (but not on my birthday which is in November!).

The cancellation meant I was able to attend AWPF’s Birthday Event and it was great fun.  I hadn’t been very well a few days before with chest pains and I had to go to the emergency department, but I was well enough to attend the event.

I’ve had a new date for my bathroom fitting so I’m pleased about that.  I was supposed to meet my boyfriend last week but the arrangements fell through. I went ahead and treated myself to a meal at Frankie and Benny’s anyway (with a lovely cocktail too).  I was out all day yesterday shopping for Halloween outfits and a new coat. I’ve got a couple of Halloween events to attend coming up soon.  I’ve changed my hair colour too.

I’m back in work from Saturday.  I think my planned trip to North Wales to a caravan park might get cancelled – it looks as if we’ll be going back into full lockdown here in Wales.  Covid is making everything miserable again.

Gig Buddies has been a life saver during Covid – there’s a tea party this afternoon that I think I’ll log in for. 

28th October

So, we’re back in lockdown!  I was due to go back to work the weekend before lockdown but I had chest pains again.  I ended up at hospital for over 8 hours.  They are referring me to a specialist as it has been going on for a while and no one really knows what is causing the pain.  Then of course it was lockdown and work decided to close.

I have only been out once in the past four days; life is changing so much all the time and we are so restricted in what we can do.  My holiday to N Wales got cancelled and I’m having trouble getting the refund sorted out.

I still chat to my boyfriend every day but we haven’t been able to meet up.  I’ve got two Halloween parties on Friday – I bought a mask and a cape to wear.  I’m still attending Pembrokeshire People First online events and doing the bingo every Thursday.

I’ll be having my birthday in lockdown this year!

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