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Life in lockdown: Sophie, March 2021

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I’m feeling much better physically, than I have been for a while. The doctors have diagnosed my chest pains as being linked to anxiety and I’ve referred myself to the  mental health support team. I’m so relieved. I’ve just heard about my vaccine – I have it tomorrow. I’m so pleased as I had been worrying about when I would have it.

I’m continuing to host Bingo on a weekly basis for Pembrokeshire People First and I’ve finally found an app which shares the numbers on the screen as well.  It’s much easier for everyone.

Now to the big news!  I got engaged on Valentine’s Day.  I can’t wait until this lockdown is lifted so I can see my fiancé.  Even though the rules have now changed to ‘stay local’, he lives too far away for us to meet up.  Once the non essential shops open, I’ll head into town and start browsing for an engagement ring. I think we’ll have a big wedding as I know so many people.

I had hoped to be returning to work around Easter but it looks as if it may be nearer the end of May/early June.

I’m still doing lots with Electric Umbrella and I sang live last week in their event.  I chose the song ‘Supermarket Flowers’ because we were reflecting on the past year and the Covid restrictions.

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