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Life in Lockdown: Sophie, July 2020

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8th July

I think I’m going back to work very soon – we have a work meeting on Friday to discuss the new arrangements and the new rota is being published this week. I work in a restaurant and we will be doing take-aways.  I’m not sure what hours I’ll be doing and I don’t know if I’ll need to wear PPE. 

It will be weird going back to work – I’ve enjoyed lock-down because I’ve used Zoom and other technology to meet up with people and make new friends.  I feel a little apprehensive about starting a new routine again and becoming part of the ‘new normal’.  I’m going to Carmarthen to get some new work clothes this weekend.

I was hoping to meet my boyfriend on Friday, but he’s worried I’ll be challenged if I go on the train, so we’ve put it off for another week or so.  I spoke to my mum about it and she thought travelling on the train would be ok, so I’m going to rearrange to see him soon.

I hope to see mum and dad too – I haven’t seen my mum since January when I spent a week there after I had my appendix out.  I think we’ll meet in Saundersfoot for a walk on the beach very soon.

I had to go to the hospital last Saturday because I was vomiting and had stomach pains.  They kept me there most of the day; I had to wait hours for the blood test results to come back and initially they thought I might have gall bladder problems or gallstones.  Fortunately, the blood tests were fine and I was sent home. 

We went for a Chinese takeaway that night and it was a real palaver picking it up – they have a one -way system through the restaurant and there was a massive queue and it was chaos!

I really enjoyed Electric Umbrella last week; I’ve signed up for their Big Yellow Choir tonight!

15th July

I had my meeting with work last Friday; as it’s a restaurant and they can only open for take-aways at present, I haven’t gone back on the rota yet.  They will phone me if they need me.  I expect I’ll go back on the rota from 3rd August when the Welsh Government says they can open for people to eat inside. 

I don’t really mind, as I can carry on with my Zoom meetings for a while longer.  It might be a bit difficult to plan anything for the next couple of weeks though, as I might be needed to work at short notice.

The tourists are flocking back to west Wales!  My family and I had planned to meet up in Saundersfoot but it’s going to be too busy so we need to think of somewhere else.

It’s the Electric Umbrella’s singalong this afternoon and their final ‘Big Yellow Choir’ tonight.  We’re all going to dress up.  I’ll be joining Scottish Gig Buddies ‘late night’ session again this Friday.  I have better broadband now so I’m hoping I’ll be able to stay right until the end (my internet connection broke last time)

22nd July

I’m back in work for my first session today at 4.00pm.  They phoned me up and asked if I could do a few hours.  I’m going to miss a couple of things I had planned on attending this afternoon, but work has to come first. 

I saw my boyfriend in Carmarthen on Monday for the first time in 14 weeks.  We had a wander around the shops. I went to Carmarthen by train – that was ok and the journey was quiet.  You have to wear a mask and some seats are blocked off to enable social distancing.  I’m getting used to wearing a mask now.  The only time I find wearing one difficult is when I’m in a confined space with lots of people around me – then I find my breathing more difficult.  But in a more open space with a mask on, my breathing is fine.

I have to put trainers on for work today – it’s the first time I’ve worn shoes since lockdown!

We decided against Saundersfoot for our family meet up last weekend and I went around to my parents’ house.  We had a great day sitting in the garden, but I burnt my face a little bit.

I had to go to the phone shop in Haverfordwest yesterday; only one person is allowed in the shop at any one time and you have to sit opposite the sales assistant with a glass partition. That felt strange.

I’m off to Sussex next week to meet a friend I met online during lockdown– I’ve booked my train and there are 3 or 4 changes of train and it will take seven hours to get there. I’ve planned the route to avoid going through London. I’m staying in a hotel just outside Worthing.

Life is changing now especially now I’m back in work; there are more things to consider and more adjustments to make (such as being called into work at short notice).  I’ve had to arrange to do a swap with a colleague so that I can go away next week.

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