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Life in lockdown, Sophie, December 2020

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I’ve been feeling terribly sad over the past few days, after hearing that my good friend and colleague Linton Gower had died suddenly.  I had been in work all day and didn’t hear the news until I got home that evening; I was so upset.

I will be attending AWPF’s Memorial Service on Zoom this week, after the AWPF Board meeting.

I’m back in work, but of course the rules have changed and we can’t serve alcohol in the restaurant.  We open for breakfast at 9.30 now and close at 6.

I had my medical procedure last month; it went well but I’m glad it’s over. I have a further hospital appointment next week – my neighbour is kindly taking me as it’s an early morning appointment.

I started my Christmas shopping at the weekend.  I hope to go my parents’ for Christmas day, but with the regulations, it will mean that our partners can’t join us.  I’m looking forward to some Christmas events, such as the Gig Buddies’ international Christmas party next week and the AWPF’s Christmas special.

I think it’s positive news that a vaccine has been developed.  I’ll definitely have it when it’s offered to me and I think it will help to get us back to some sort of normality.

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