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Life in Lockdown: Sam, October 2020

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It’s a while since I’ve done a diary update and we’re back in lockdown in Rhondda Cynon Taff. I think it’s a bit easier this time and I am still able to see my fiancé as he’s in the same county as me.  However I can’t sleep over at his place at the moment because of the Covid restrictions.  I love sleeping out and it’s disappointing not to be able to do it at the moment.  I live in supported housing and it’s nice to go somewhere else for a change.

His grandmother has got Covid in hospital though and we’re trying to stay positive at the moment.  I don’t know what will happen with lockdown and whether the government is going to bring in a stricter one again.  The rules are quite confusing.  My partner and I are hoping to rent a house together once the pandemic is over. 

I run a group for Taff Ely People First where we get together online and talk about what’s happening and how Covid is affecting us.  I am a paid member of staff – working two hours per month. I really enjoy talking to other members. 

I’m doing Hate Crime training this week too and next Thursday there is a Zoom meeting about Covid with All Wales People First.

I’m a member of Gig Buddies and they’re doing an afternoon tea party this afternoon – I might go along to that.  I have some support hours on Wednesdays too.

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