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Life in lockdown: Sam, November 2020

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18th November 2020


I had a lovely time in Porthcawl last weekend.  I went with my fiancé and his friend and we stayed in a hotel.  We got the bus down there.  I think I’ll give up drinking alcohol from now on!!

I’ve become one of the Stay Up Late ambassadors and we had a Zoom meeting about it today.  We campaign for the rights of people with learning disabilities to stay up late.  Many people with learning disabilities enjoy clubbing and going to gigs, but if they need support, they often have to leave early.  Stay up Late campaigns for the rights of people with learning disabilities to have full social lives and not be restricted by having to leave events early. 

I’ve had a meeting with my support staff about independent living and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to move from living in shared accommodation to my own place with my own front door eventually.  It’s hard when I want my boyfriend to come over but a risk assessment has to be done first because other people live in the house with me. 

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