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Life in lockdown: Sam, December 2020

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2nd December:

I’m moving out soon!  Into my own self-contained flat.  I can’t wait.  I’ve been to see it and it’s really nice. I expect I’ll wait until after Christmas before I move.  I’ve been wanting my own place for a while. 

I did a video with AWPF today regarding my thoughts about the Covid vaccine.  I’ll definitely have one when it’s offered to me.

I’ve got a meeting this week with an organisation about the restrictions I faced earlier on in the pandemic, when I was told to isolate because others in the shared accommodation were vulnerable.  I had to stay in my room and it was a really difficult time. 

We had sad news today when we heard that one of our National Council members had died.  I think I’ll raise a glass to him tonight – I knew him well and he was lovely. 

I’m staying in my home for Christmas, my boyfriend and I were hoping to go away for new year but we’ll have to see what the Covid restrictions are like first.

11th December: I’m out shopping at the moment, I’ve been to Pontypridd to do some Christmas shopping and I’m waiting for the bus back home. 

I’m moving into my new place on 5th January – it’s  a brand new build and there will be four of us there in total. I’ll have my own self-contained flat.  I can’t wait. 

I’m having a Chinese takeaway later on and I’ve bought a new jigsaw to do.  I really enjoy doing them.

I don’t think Ben and I will go away after Christmas now, Covid rates are very high so I think we will leave it until later in the year. I’m looking forward to him being able to come and stay with me in my new place though.

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