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Life in lockdown: Nicole, October 2020

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I’ve been baking with Alex (staff) this morning.  I’ve lost 3 stones and 1lb in total so far. 

It was my anniversary with Alex (partner) last week.  We facetimed our anniversary meal and I had prawn cocktail, spaghetti bolognese and cheesecake with a glass of rose.  We’ve been together a year but for quite a lot of that we haven’t been able to see each other because of lockdown.  I’m seeing him to give him a brownie on Wednesday but I’ll be doing it through the car window.

I enjoyed All Wales People First’s birthday event last week – I stayed up partying at Gerraint’s Hootenanny until midnight.  Then I joined the Gig Buddies online event on Friday night – that was great fun.

I’m hoping to go to the park tomorrow with Alex (staff).  We’ll be ironing this afternoon.  Alex looks after me when mum is at work and she’s with me all week this week. I met her dog Darcy too!

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