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Life in lockdown: Nicole, March 2021

author icon author icon 07/04/2021 author icon News

I had my first vaccine!  I was really nervous but I had it.  I felt a bit rough afterwards with a sore throat, sore arm, headache and dizziness but that soon passed.  I feel much more hopeful now I’ve had it.

I’ve been baking Welsh cakes and scones this week – I will start having a support worker again after Easter but at the moment it’s just Mum and me.

I’m still seeing my new boyfriend -it’s been two months now.  The party on Insight to celebrate reaching 1000 members was the best party ever and Electric Umbrella’s new album is released this Friday – I was in their promotional videos last month!

No news as yet on the independent living space.  We start our charity walk for Captain Sir Tom’s NHS charities on 1st April – I’m hoping that will help me shift my last couple of pounds to reach my target!

I shall be voting in the Senedd elections in May – I have a postal vote.

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