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Life in lockdown: Nicole, February 2021

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1st Feb: Exciting news!  I’m starting off Electric Umbrella’s Drag Night tonight by singing ‘Get the party started’!  The drag queen Ernie Sparkles is attending too. I’ve been doing drag over the weekend too – we celebrated Burns Night in drag with Innovate Trust’s Insight app – it was a really great night. 

I’m helping run a variety of events on Insight – including arts and crafts sessions, bingo and a disco. I’ve now lost 55 lbs in weight and feel much healthier.

I’m finding lockdown tough now.

12th Feb: I’ve been busy online with a variety of events.  I’m still doing my arts and crafts on Insight App and joining the Zoomathon next Saturday – it starts at 10 am and goes on until the last person gives up!  I was presenting on Able Radio last Wednesday too.

The really big news is that I have got my name down for independent living in Caerphilly.  The Council have just started building a block of flats for people with learning disabilities with self-contained accommodation (including a kitchen and bathroom) but with a communal lounge and kitchen downstairs too.  There will be a support staff member on site 24/7.  I hope it won’t be too long before they’re built.  I’ve been developing my independent living skills ready to move in.

I’ve just been out with Princess the dog – she has a little coat to wear because it’s bitterly cold today. I’ll be attending Insight’s Valentine Party on Sunday night and I’ve remained busy with my drag activities over the past couple of weeks.

22nd Feb: I’ve got a new boyfriend and I’m feeling quite happy about it!

The Zoomathon went really well last week – we all lasted until the end (around 1:00 am).  I’ve been busy online and I’m singing in the new video for Electric Umbrella’s single ‘Sunflower Avenue’ and I feature in the video and their video for another song on the album.  Insight’s  Valentine’s Disco was really good too.

I’ve still been doing my drag events with House of Deviants and arts and crafts on the Insight App.

We’re also doing a sponsored walk via Insight, to raise money for Captain Sir Tom’s NHS charities.  We’ve got to walk 100 miles between us all.  I’m 2 lbs away from my target of losing four stones!!

The sun is shining today and I’ve been out with Princess the dog – she’s 10 months old on Saturday.

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