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Life in lockdown: Nicole, December 2020

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2nd December: I got a new job!  I’m working for Growing Space in Blackwood in their shop for a few hours a week.  They’re really friendly and I’m so pleased to be working again.

I’m wearing my Christmas jumper today and I’ve got my hot chocolate in my Christmas mug.  The Christmas tree is up too.

I’m pleased to hear that the vaccine will be rolling out soon.  I will definitely get vaccinated. I’ve been recording a video about my thoughts on the vaccine for AWPF today.

I’m with Kath, my support worker today and last week my other support staff Alex took me out for a Christmas meal. 

My trip to the farm was a little disappointing, most of the animals were inside and there was no opportunity to stroke them.

I’m seeing my partner Alex on Christmas Eve so we can exchange presents. 

11th December:

I’m in the car with Rachel, my support staff – we’ve been everywhere this morning and the traffic is dreadful.  I started my new job and it’s great.  I’m buying a pair of Sketchers trainers with my first pay!

I saw my boyfriend Alex the other day, he’s very upset because his dog has died.  My diet has been a bit rubbish these past couple of weeks – had a lovely McDonald’s the other day!

I’m looking forward to Christmas and I’m dressing up in drag for the Gig Buddies’ Christmas show next week.

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