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Life in lockdown: Nicole, April 2021

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7th April: It’s been a busy Easter break.  We went to Tenby for the week and not only did I meet up with one of the AWPF members, Sophie, I also got to see Wally the walrus.  We timed it well, as he’s disappeared now (too many people getting too close).  I’ve been to Brecon today as well.

I’ve started back at work – we upcycle furniture and I’m based in the shop and doing some sewing and upholstery at the moment.  I start to have support staff again from next week.  It’s been nice when it’s just been mum and me – I’ve enjoyed it.

I interviewed Tom from Electric Umbrella for Able Radio last week and today I joined the Insight app for the Relationship Training that they’ve been doing.  They did an interview with a well-known drag queen and it was really interesting.

I feel like things are looking up a bit!

28th April:

I’m in the car with my Grancha – we’ve been to Trago Mills and I bought a new jigsaw.  I like the really big ones – this is 1,000 pieces!

I went back to Tenby last weekend and briefly caught up with another AWPF member.  Wally the walrus was back again – I got some good pictures of him with my camera.  Had some great bubble-gum flavoured ice cream too.

Princess the dog was one year old last week – we had a bit of a party and Grancha made lemon drizzle cake for the humans!  I often bake with him – we did Welsh cakes last week and scones.

I’m interviewing Ernie Sparkles the drag queen on Friday on Able Radio. I’m really looking forward to it.

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