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Life in Lockdown: Ffion, September 2020

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Ffion, 16th September 2020

We’re back in lockdown.  Just as things were starting to open up, Caerphilly area went back into lockdown.  It doesn’t feel as bad as last time, because shops and workplaces are still open, but it does feel scary again.  I’m getting used to wearing masks all the time, but I don’t like them.

When I last did a diary update, I was supposed to be going to Newquay but I couldn’t go.  I had a rotten cold and was in bed for a couple of days. I was so disappointed to miss it. 

I’m in work today – we haven’t re-opened to the public yet and when we do, there will be temperature checks and track and trace system in place.  We will only allow members of the public in if they have an appointment.  We have to come into the office sometimes because we are working on projects that we just can’t do from our own homes – we need to be in the same place to do them.  We’ve been busy with TRAC (Teaching, Research Advisory Council) which teaches student nurses how to interact with adults and children with learning disabilities.  I’m starting ‘Measuring the Mountain’ next week too which is a project that looks into the impact of the Social Services and Wellbeing Act. I’m really busy at the moment and also really looking forward to AWPF’s Birthday event in early October

30th September 2020

I completed ‘Measuring the Mountain’ last week. It was really tiring.  Listening to speakers, asking questions and then sitting on a panel on the final day to work out priorities and themes and give feedback. It was really good and I’m pleased to have done it.

We’re still in lockdown in Caerphilly – I wish we were in Barry Island instead!  Caerphilly People First is open to volunteers only at the moment. We’re getting a QR code for people to scan when they come into the building, as part of the NHS Covid app. 

Mum gave me an early Christmas present this week – a selfie light for Tik Tok videos.  I’m really chuffed with it.

I’ve lost more weight and I have now dropped a size for tops and jumpers and am in a different stone level. 

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