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Life in lockdown: Ffion, February 2021

author icon author icon 07/04/2021 author icon Member StoriesNews

I’m plodding along!  I’m back in work after a couple of weeks off.  The time off went quickly but I enjoyed it.  I felt like I was reaching burn-out point so it was really important to have a break.  It’s nice to be back in work and have a routine again.

I was busy online when I was off, catching up with friends and I attended an online Valentine’s Party.  I volunteer with the Insight App and we’re organising a St David’s Day party for the beginning of March.  We’re also planning a course for people about relationships – what makes a good relationship, how to manage a break up, experiences of coming out as LGBTQ and – very importantly – talking about consent.

I’m still a rep for AWPF’s National Council so I attended the two day conference earlier this month and I’ve swapped my Tik Tok days to fit in with my other volunteering roles.

Roll on Spring!  I can’t wait for the better weather.

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