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Life in Lockdown: Ffion, August 2020

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12th August

I’m in the office today! We’ve been taking deliveries of hygiene products and giving the offices a good clean ready for re-opening.  We don’t have a date yet but hope it will be sometime in September. We are waiting for things like the one-way stickers to put on the floor and for some more deliveries of cleaning products first.  I was pleased to be able to go back to the office but scared at the same time.  I felt excited and nervous on my first day back.

I’ve been busy helping to prepare for the AWPF event with the Ambulance Service too – I’m part of the team delivering the event.

I’m feeling quite cheerful at the moment.  I went out with mum to Blackwood to do some shopping last week – I’ve started my Christmas shopping!  I’m getting myself organised for next year as I have four weddings to go to. I’m bridesmaid for one of them and another one is in the Dominican Republic.  I’ve reached my goal of losing a stone in weight too.

We’re off to Tenby to the caravan for a few days at the weekend with my sister and her baby and my grandad.  We hope to go again for the bank holiday.

24th August

I’ve had a manic morning and it’s given me a headache. I’ve been on the computer in meetings all morning – it’s just been one meeting after another.

Our trip to Tenby changed slightly because mum wasn’t well.  We just went for a couple of nights – me, mum and my grandad.  I’m off to Newquay with friends at the weekend though – we’ll be celebrating a friend’s exam results with a party in the chalet.  I haven’t seen them since January and I’m really looking forward to it.  I don’t think it will do my diet any good though as I’ve bought a celebration cake from Tesco!

I’m also doing a day trip to Weymouth on Wednesday (if we all get up early enough!) Then Thursday is the event with the Ambulance service and All Wales People First so it’s a busy week.

We still don’t have a date for re-opening Caerphilly People First offices, but I hope it will be soon.

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