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Life in lockdown diary: Stacey, May 2020

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4th May 2020

My anxiety is really bad at the moment. I feel so emotional about not having physical contact with friends and my fiancé Kurt, and not being able to go to work.

I’ve not seen my fiancé for three months

I might go in to the hot tub later to try and relax a bit. I’ve already been for a walk.

The smell of the sea and sound of the waves helps me to relax so I feel lucky I live close to the sea.

7th May 2020

Same old, same old. Missing Kurt so much and trying to keep busy to keep my mind occupied.

Trying to think of new things to do.

My Mum is a key worker and she’s got a long shift today so I’m doing some housework.

We’re doing a l lockdown VE day celebration, so I’ve printed off some banners and will be putting them up for the weekend. The street is doing a social distance party where everyone will celebrate in their own front gardens.

I’m hoping lockdown will be eased a bit after Sunday’s announcement. Even if it’s just so we can see a few close friends and family.  I think that will help a lot with getting on top of my anxiety.

I don’t think lockdown should be eased too much yet as it doesn’t feel safe, but I’m hopeful for a few changes.

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