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Life in lockdown diary: Sophie, June 2020

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3rd June

I had a lovely time last weekend; I went shopping to the village, had a fabulous barbecue and on Saturday had my first swim of the year in the sea!  It was freezing when you first went in and there were plenty of waves. It’s really invigorating.

Although lockdown rules have eased and I could go to my parent’s house if I wanted, I don’t feel comfortable with having to stay 2 metres apart.  I think I would find it really difficult to do and it’s not natural.  If I wanted to go to my parents, Dad would have to pick me up and that would be difficult with the 2 metre rule as well. So I have decided to stay at home for now and just socialise in the garden with my neighbours and friends.  I did see Dad last week when he drove by.  I just feel it’s not worth seeing family when you’ve got to keep 2 metres apart.

I can’t see my boyfriend yet either as he lives well over 5 miles from me, so we are still chatting on social media and by phone.

I do my first bingo calling session for Pembrokeshire People First tomorrow.  I’m making a cheesecake this afternoon as I’ve been busy with People First work all morning.  AWPF are keeping me busy with projects as well!

10th June

I had a bit of a miserable weekend last weekend.  I wasn’t feeling very well and couldn’t sleep. This made me feel a bit down; the weather has turned colder and wetter too and that doesn’t help.

On Friday night last week Gig Buddies held their Buddies’ Got Talent event (the finals are this Friday).  I sang ‘I Predict a Riot’! Gig Buddies has been really active during lockdown.  We generally meet up to go to gigs and events during the year and our membership spans the whole of Wales, but during lockdown we’ve been having online tea parties one afternoon a week and Zoom parties on Friday nights.  We have a tea party scheduled for this afternoon and we’re going to be talking about how to stay safe and how to be kind to each other online.

I enjoyed the Bingo calling for Pembrokeshire People First last week; I’m doing it again tomorrow afternoon.

I see that the Welsh Government is recommending face masks when you are out and about and can’t keep social distance (for example on public transport).  I find masks very claustrophobic and I think it will feel strange to go on buses and trains after so long.  The bus service in our village is only every three hours at the moment!

17th June


It’s been a busy morning!  Tea and toast with Pembrokeshire People First, followed by the Engage to Change Evaluation Forum – that was really well attended and it was great to see lots of young people.  There’s also a Gig Buddies tea event this afternoon.

It’s Learning Disability Week so I am extra busy and being asked to take part in various events. 

I didn’t win the Buddies’ got Talent  event last Friday but the finale was great fun.

I went for a walk with my friend at the weekend – we were out for more than 2 hours, walking through the fields and down to the beach.  We had a couple of drinks, sitting out the front afterwards. It was lovely.

I’ve been chatting to my partner lots – he lives too far away for us to meet up at the moment, so we chat every few hours each day.

24th June


Last week was really busy because it was Learning Disability Week – quite exhausting!  I did a birthday video for All Wales People First amongst other things; it was lovely to see all the birthday messages from previous colleagues but it would have been nice to see more members’ videos and some younger members involved. 

The change in the lock-down rules hasn’t made much difference to me.  I’m not intending to visit non-essential shops and my partner lives 45 minutes away by public transport. I’d have to get a train and a bus to get to his house and I could still only visit him on ‘compassionate grounds’ as the 5 mile rule hasn’t been lifted yet.

I’m not sure how I would feel about getting on public transport at the moment and in any case there is only one bus every three hours in my village at present.  That is set to change from next week though, I think.

I’ve had a Zoom meeting already this morning and have two more this afternoon. Wednesdays and Thursdays have been my busiest days during lockdown.

I’m hoping to get out in the sunshine later today and have a good walk.

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