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Life in lockdown diary: Sam, May 2020

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4th May 2020

I want so much for this lockdown to be over! I haven’t been out since 23rd March. I’m not sure I’d feel safe going out if lockdown ended soon, but I’m so desperate to get out and to see my boyfriend.

My housemate passed away a few days ago. He died in hospital. I thought he was doing ok and would be coming home, so it was a massive shock to hear that he passed away.

We’d lived in the same house for 3 years. I’m really struggling to accept it. Doesn’t seem real.

Me and the housemates are coping with the news by talking about the good times and memories with our friend. I do get very upset though.

I had a bit of a drink on the weekend. Not enough to have a hangover the next day, just a few to chill.

I had a chat with Joe Powell on Friday too. We had a laugh, and that gave me a bit of a lift.

I’ll probably keep busy this afternoon by playing on my phone and chatting on messenger with my boyfriend.

6th May 2020

I feel quite happy today. We’re having a VE Day party in the garden on Friday, so I’ve got a few fruity cider cans in ready.

I heard on the news that there’s been a stabbing in the area. It’s very frightening and I’m so glad there are staff in the house with us all of the time. That makes me feel a bit safer.

Just a short one today, I’ve got to finish sorting my room later, and my housemate is calling me to go and have a cuppa with her.

Speak soon.

11th May 2020

I’m not feeling too bad today. I watched some VE day parties through the window. Everyone looked like they were social distancing, but I didn’t go out.

We had a bit of a party indoors and I had a few fruit ciders. I still have some left!

I think Mark Drakeford made a really sensible decision in his announcement last Friday. Even though it’s hard not seeing my fiancé and friends, I feel safer that the lockdown has been extended. I back that decision all the way.

I Think Boris’s decision to ease lockdown is too early and could put people at risk because Covid is still about.

Having different messages from Wales and Westminster is really confusing for everyone.

I’m going to watch Mark Drakeford’s reaction to the Westminster announcement at lunch time today.

I feel quite clear on what the rules mean for me, and I’m keeping up to date with the bigger picture by watching the wales and Westminster updates.  

14th May 2020


Quiet day today. Nothing planned.

I’ve spoken with lots of people this week, including People First members. They think UK Government has made the wrong decision about easing lockdown in England.

I reckon they’ll be having another lockdown in the future.

I’m still being so careful to stay safe. I don’t even go up the shop anymore. The staff do a weekly shop and I ask Them if I want anything.

I did have to go for a Dr appointment during the April lockdown though. I’m pleased that my surgery didn’t cancel my routine appointment. The system was a bit different though. I had to queue outside the building and go I when the nurse called my name.

I speak to the Cwm Taff People First Team on videocall most days, and I’m in touch with members to check if they’re ok. I’m helping members to write how they feel about lockdown. I’ve got some calls later today actually. It’s good I can still do some work from home for my paid job.  

The funeral is on Monday. I’m not going, but going to light a candle this weekend to remember my friend. Us housemates are hoping to have a memory bench in our garden.

This lockdown makes me think about what’s important and what maters to me. I really miss family and friends and seeing my fiancé. I’m such a social person, being able to meet up with people and share good times is really something really valuable.

21st May 2020

I caught the sun yesterday. I was out in the garden from early until about 5pm. I’ve covered up today though.

I might be doing work with Rhondda radio about my lockdown story. Me and a few friends are doing it.

We had a send off for our housemate on Monday. I had a glass of wine in the garden while the funeral was taking place.

I’m joining the Gig Buddies Kazoom party tomorrow. I’ve spoken with Kai the organiser, and I’m looking forward to it.

I’m doing a quiz with Cwm Taf People First tonight too. Hoping my ipad will work.

28th May 2020

I’m out in the sun today. Having a few cans later, so that’s good.

This is my last meeting today. I’ve been busy all morning.

I just hope the lockdown rules are relaxed a bit tomorrow. If Welsh Government say we can meet outside with friends and family then I’m going to struggle and find it hard to social distance when I visit my fiancé.

I joined the Gig Buddies Kazoom party last week. It was fun. I joined in with some karaoke, but I can’t sing ha ha!

I’m off for a BBQ in the garden now, catch you soon!

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  1. Paula

    Sam, great to hear how you are keeping busy, so sorry to hear your friend died, it will be lovely when we can catch up properly

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