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Life in lockdown diary: Nicole, June 2020

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18th June

I’ve lost more weight so really pleased about that. I’ve been doing a Slimming World diet.

I’ve seen my boyfriend Alex on Facetime, but we’ve not met up since the social distancing rules changed.

The new puppy Princes will be ready to come to us soon. I’m so excited.

I’ve been busy with a few online meetings and events. I joined the TRAC meeting last week, and I’ll be joining the Gig Buddies Kazoom party as usual this Friday. I’m now a Stay up Late Ambassador, so pretty chuffed about that. It means that I help the campaign for people with learning disabilities to make their own choices about staying up late.

I’ve also been keeping up with my walks, which helps keep me focussed on my diet and health.

I really hope the First Minister for Wales opens shops soon. I desperately need to get some new clothes as none of my old ones fit since I’ve lost weight.

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