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Life in Lockdown: Anne & Neil, September 2020

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7th September

Last time we spoke, we said that the hospital had told us to self-isolate for two weeks and that we would get a letter about Anne’s eye operation.

I phoned the hospital up the other day because we hadn’t had a letter and they said we had misunderstood and we didn’t have to self-isolate until we received the letter with the date for the operation.  The hospital hadn’t made that clear and we stayed in for nothing!  It’s very frustrating; two and a half weeks of staying in for no reason.  Looking at the four walls of the house gets on your nerves and makes you miserable.

We took part in the Ambulance Event the other week – it was really good and we got a goody bag with hand sanitizer, pens and pencils and a first aid kit. 

We’ve been going out a bit this week again – it’s so nice to be able to go out.  We went for a pub meal the other day and there was a one- way system in place – it was difficult to get up the steps with Anne’s walker, but we managed it in the end.

We had to go into town to get Anne’s bank card replaced – they ask for identification but it’s hard to provide it when you don’t have a passport or driving licence.

I had to take the dog to the vets the other day, it’s really expensive even just for some pain killers.

23rd September

This week we’ve been helping a friend move house – he’s disabled too and it’s been a big job.  We’ve got a form from the council to apply for a transfer to a house from this flat. We’re not happy here and Anne needs some outdoor space so that she can exercise.  We’ve got dogs and the neighbour has been complaining again that they’re barking. We take them out every day but you can’t always stop them barking.

We’ve had some trouble with the neighbour who wants to borrow things from us again.  We had reported it to the council and it had stopped, but the neighbour knocked our door again the other day. We’ve also had to complain to Environmental Health about another neighbour who is allowing their dogs to go to the toilet on the balcony above us and not cleaning it up.  We’ve had a real problem with flies.

We listened to Boris Johnson last night on the tv.  We didn’t really understand everything he said, but we did understand some of it. We’re avoiding the places in town where we know there has been covid.

We’ve been visiting my brother who is vulnerable and trying to keep busy.  We’re heavily involved with the Ambulance Service and had a meeting with them yesterday.  We help them to present information in an accessible way for people with learning disabilities.

Anne has been busy drawing pictures for Halloween decorations. Anne designed the logo for West Glamorgan People First. She’s really good at drawing.

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