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Life in lockdown: Ann and Neil, October 2020

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We’re just waiting for Neil’s support worker to return with our shopping.  We did the first ‘chit chat’ session online for West Glamorgan People First this morning. It’s like a virtual coffee morning.  Six people turned up – it was great.  We’re doing another one on Wednesday.

We got the form from the council about a house transfer and I’ve phoned the council about the problem in the upstairs flat. We haven’t heard anything yet.

Anne got a mobility scooter the other day – it was her mum’s.  She hasn’t been out on it yet because the weather hasn’t been very good and we don’t know how to get a permit to take it on the bus.

We enjoyed All Wales People First’s birthday event but it was hard at times to get a word in edgeways as so many people were talking!  Anne has had to write a little piece about her experience of being a rep.

We don’t have a date for Anne’s operation yet – but she’ll have to have a Covid test beforehand and we don’t know how we’ll get to the testing centre as it’s up a steep hill.

We’ve got a busy week –  a meeting with the Ambulance service tomorrow, second coffee morning on Wednesday and then on Thursday Neil will be part of the Co-production meeting and he’s got the Citizens’ Panel on Friday

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