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Joe’s Soapbox: Members’ experiences during the lifting of Covid restrictions

author icon author icon 23/02/2022 author icon Joe's SoapboxNews

Since the start of Covid we have asked members how things have affected them.

We have also asked the local groups about the work they have been doing to support the members.

We have followed members experiences throughout the Covid Pandemic.

We have shared members experiences with the Welsh Government.

And key organisations in Wales.

The MIRROR Co-Ordinator produced three reports:

Red (when restrictions were tight in 2020)

Amber (when restrictions were loosened in the summer of 2020)

And Winter (to show the impact on members during the difficult Winter months).

I also put a report together with Sam Taylor of Cwm Taf People First.

This was called ‘Unintended Consequences’ of Covid for our members.

Unintended means things that have gone wrong that people didn’t realise would happen.

Consequences means the things that have happened.

You can find all of our reports in the download area of our website.

At the October National Council meeting it was agreed that I should check again how members are doing.

Now that restrictions had started to be lifted.

To check how well members are doing.

Whether things have improved.

Or are the same as before.

And whether our members experiences are the same as people without learning disabilities.

The report is now finished.

I wrote it with:

  • Sophie Hinksman
  • Michelle Williams
  • Lynne Evans

This is because they represent All Wales People First on LD MAG.

This stands for Learning Disability Ministerial Advisory Group.

It has been shared with the Welsh Government.

And our partners.

You can find it on our website.

The report has told us many things.

  • Day centres have still not been opened for many.
  • Information about Covid is still not accessible.
  • Members had had problems getting their Covid passports.
  • Transport has been poor meaning members have found it hard to visit friends and family.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences with us.

This information is really important.

It has played a key role in shaping policy.

And helping us all learn about the social unfairness you face.

We will use this information to try to improve the lives of our members in the future.

Victory for self-advocacy.

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