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Joe’s Soapbox

author icon author icon 06/10/2022 author icon Joe's Soapbox

These are difficult times.

Especially for our members and other people with disabilities.

This is because there is a cost of living crisis.

The cost of living crisis has been caused by many things such as:

  • The UK economy which is struggling.
  • The war in the Ukraine which has affected the price of gas and electricity.

The prices of gas and electricity are already very high.

They are expected to get even higher in October.

And it is possible they can increase further.

I fear the poorest people could suffer because they can’t afford to heat their homes.

This is dangerous during Winter.

It could cause many people to be seriously ill or die.

We hope that the UK Government will help the public with the cost of gas and electronically bills during this crisis.

But this is still not certain.

It is important that people with learning disabilities understand how this may affect them.

Especially those who live on their own.

And pay their own bills.

Prices are three times higher than they used to be.

We need to hear from you if you are struggling.

This is so we can tell the Welsh Government how it is affecting you.

Please let us know if you have any problems.

Share your story with our comms team.

And most importantly of all. Make sure you contact someone you know if you are struggling.

This may be:

  • A family member.
  • A friend.
  • A support worker.
  • A member of staff in people first.

It is important we all get through this.

We are taking this very seriously.

And we are speaking to the Welsh Government and other organisations during this crisis to see how we can help.

Please do all you can to stay safe.

Victory for self-advocacy.

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