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By George, we’ve done it

It is official.

The British Bill of Rights has been scrapped.

It was announced by the new Justice Secretary Alex Chalk on Tuesday 27th June.

This is very important news for people with learning disabilities in Wales.

And many others.

If the British Bill of Rights became law it would mean that:

  • Our Human Rights would be weakened.
  • UK Parliament would have the final say on whether a decision was against human rights or not.
  • This would take the power away from the courts who are independent.
  • Appeals would need to be heard in Europe instead of the UK Courts.
  • This would mean a longer wait to get an appeal heard.
  • Many disabled people cannot afford to travel to Europe to appeal.

Saving our Human Rights is especially important at the moment.

We are living in a time of hardship, poverty and uncertainty.

Without strong human right legislation people with learning disabilities could be very vulnerable.

All Wales People First have worked very hard towards this.

But we have only been a small part of a much bigger movement.

We have worked along rights organisations such as the British Institute of Human Rights.

Local Self-Advocacy Groups.

And of course the input of our National Council.

We have played a part in extending the Bill of Rights consultation deadline,

In making sure the consultation was put out in Easy Read.

We have responded to many consultations about the impact of the British Bill of Rights.

We have written to important ministers in the UK Parliament.

We have attended many events to support those concerned about the British Bill of Rights.

But everything we have done, has been driven by the voice of our members.

Thanks to all members who have taken part.

Thanks to all who have shared their stories.

Thanks to every organisation in the United Kingdom who stood up and made their voice heard.

This is a victory for Self-Advocacy.

But most importantly.

It is a victory for British Democracy.

This is what we can achieve when we all work together!

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