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Diary update, Victoria: September 2023

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Since we last chatted I’ve taken on some more voluntary roles. I started with Wales Air Ambulance, working in their shop in Bangor very recently. I’m working on the tills and with the stock. I’m enjoying it so far and I think they’re pleased with me.

Last time we chatted, I had just joined my local self-advocacy group, Roaring Mon.  Because of that, I am now an Anglesey representative in the regional group, the North Wales Flyers.  That means I share the views of the Roaring Mon group at the North Wales Flyers meetings with other representatives from the area.  I recently attended Conwy Connect’s Drop-in Session in Caernarfon too.

Most of the Roaring Mon meetings are held online, but the North Wales Flyers meetings are in Llandudno Junction and I use public transport a lot. I find it great, although I have heard that there is to be a reduction in the frequency of the buses in the area – I hope that doesn’t happen.  It hasn’t been confirmed as yet, so fingers crossed. I’m still volunteering for Gig Buddies too.  I do like to be busy.  I make loom bands in my spare time too!

My sister helps me with my budgeting so I don’t have to worry too much about my finances, although I am a little concerned about the upcoming winter.  We have storage heaters in the flats here, and I try not to put mine on – my flat gets warm because it’s on the third floor and the heat from my neighbours’ flats helps to warm mine.  I couldn’t afford to come to Cardiff for AdFest 2023 this year and I’m so keen to visit the city.  I love travelling, but it’s expensive. I enjoyed visiting Daniel, my friend in Chester, again last week – we fed the squirrels in the park, they were really tame!

I recently shared a post on my personal social media about looking out for pupils being bullied in school. I was a victim of bullying in secondary school and college, and it was horrible. I was seen as someone ‘different’ and always felt isolated and ostracised. I moved to a school 25 miles away because of bullying, but it just carried on at the new school.

I feel now that I’ve found my circle of friends through Gig Buddies, meeting people at AdFest 2022,  through All Wales People First and Roaring Mon and I’m much happier.  Thinking about the All Wales Strategy, I think it’s such a good thing – it has allowed people with learning disabilities and/or autism more freedom, reduced the limits on what they can and can’t do and allowed us to be part of our local communities. I live independently and have previously lived in supported accommodation.

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