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Diary update, Victoria: October 2023

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I’ve been so busy! I was invited to Cardiff to deliver a workshop at the Social Care Wales conference last week with Tracey and Geraint from AWPF. I travelled down the night before and stayed at the Premier Inn and the conference was the next day.

I was a bit nervous but we’d run through the format earlier in the week, so I knew what to expect.  The workshop we delivered was based on Gerraint’s SATV and he interviewed me about self-advocacy and what it means to me.  I also talked about my volunteering, and I managed to plug Gig Buddies too! 

There was a follow up Q and A session, and I was asked several questions by social care staff – I have had previous experience of social care and supported housing.  We had positive feedback at the end and I picked up some good bits of merchandise from the stalls – always a bonus!

In addition, I’ve been asked to Chair Learning Disability Wales’ Annual Conference in Llandudno Junction this month.  I will be introducing people, thanking them, letting people know when it’s break time etc.  It’s really exciting.

I had joined the Wales Air Ambulance volunteering team a little while ago and was starting to work in their shop in Bangor, but I’ve had to give it up – I’ve got too much going on at the moment.

I’m a member of the local self-advocacy group, Roaring Mon, here on Anglesey.  I’m doing a podcast for them this week with Tracy Austin (AWPF National Council Chair).  I’m not sure what the subject is going to be yet though.

I’m still attending the North Wales Flyers and I also went to AWPF’s AGM and Strategy Day in Llandudno Junction last month.  We got to have our say about how AWPF moves forward for the next few years and there was fish and chips, and Gerraint’s Nightclub was live streamed up from Cardiff.

I’m still using the buses to get around, but they do seem to take longer these days because of the 20mph limit and this is really noticeable on Sundays when they’re only every 2 hours anyway. 

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