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Diary update: Victoria, May 2023

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This is my first diary update for AWPF.  I’ve lived on Anglesey for five years now and am originally from Somerset.  I’ve got my own flat and I live alone with support from my family who live up here too – my mum, sister and brother.  I do have a support worker too, but I’m happy to live alone.  My dad is still down south and I visit when I can.

I’m close to my family and my sister makes sure I manage my finances carefully.  I’ve noticed that it’s taking longer to save up for things these days because of the cost-of-living crisis.  I have to save harder and I’m really disappointed that I can’t go to AdFest in Cardiff this year because my budget won’t stretch to it.

I’m a prolific bus user!  I’m often on the bus, going to Llandudno or somewhere in north Wales.  I have a bus pass which is valid for a few years yet, so I haven’t experienced some of the difficulties others have faced with renewing their bus passes.  The buses are generally reliable, and they go where I want them to go, so I’m a happy bus user!

I volunteer for Learning Disability Wales as their Social Media Content Co-ordinator for the Gig Buddies project.  This takes up quite a bit of time, but I’m really IT savvy and enjoy using social media.  I joined the webinar this morning about the impact of Covid on people with a learning disability. It was very interesting. 

Covid was hard for me, especially as I lived alone.  Not being able to hug my mum or see my niece and nephew was very hard.  I suffer with depression and anxiety too and am waiting for a referral to a listening service.

My particularly disability is called ‘Partial Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum’ – it’s rare and I’ve only ever met one other person with this condition.  It means that the connections between the two sides of the brain are interrupted.  It affects my memory sometimes, along with my co-ordination.  Sometimes I find it difficult to read body language and I struggle socially too.  I prefer to call it a brain injury personally.

I have joined the gym however!  I’m determined not to let my anxiety stop me going.  This week I’m meeting a friend in Llandudno and I’m also attending the Autistic Minds Live conference at Venue Cymru.  I’m off to see Coldplay in Manchester in a couple of weeks too and I’m very excited.

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