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Diary update, Victoria: June 2023

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Well, Coldplay were brilliant! I had a great time – it was my first time at a proper stadium gig.

I’m still busy volunteering with Gig Buddies and putting lots of recruitment posters out and about at the moment.  I had an award from Learning Disability Wales last year for my ‘amazing work’ on social media for Gig Buddies. I was really chuffed. They presented it at their Annual Conference last year – I hope to be able to go again this year as they hold one in north Wales and one in south Wales.

I’ve finally joined my local self-advocacy group – Roaring Mon – they’re meeting online at the moment whilst they establish themselves. I’ve also been approached about being part of the North Wales Flyers which is the regional self-advocacy group. I think they meet in Llandudno Junction. 

I’m lucky that the bus stop is just outside my house. They’ve updated the bus stops with the real-time information about when the bus is due.  That’s so much easier than trying to use the app. I use public transport a lot.  For example, my local gym is a bus ride away.

I’m off to Chester to meet Daniel my friend, next week.  We meet up regularly and we speak on the phone daily too. He lives in north Wales and we meet up in Chester because it’s the easiest meeting up place.

This month I’ve celebrated 8 years since I left supported housing. This really feels like a key moment in my life.  I lived communally with support for several years in different places in England before moving into my own accommodation.  I felt quite confident when I moved out into my own place, because I wasn’t too far from my mum.  When she moved to north Wales, my sister and brother eventually followed and then, finally, I did too, and I live in my own flat now.  I do have lots of support from my family and my own support worker who comes to help me with shopping and things like that. I do recognise that I need support, but it is great to have my own front door

I’m off to Bingo tonight in the local community – I didn’t win earlier this week but I did win the raffle, so that was a nice surprise. Wish me luck for tonight!

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