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Diary update, Nicole: August 2022

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I’m feeling great!  I’ve been working hard with the House of Deviant drag troupe – we have a couple of new members and we’re doing another performance in September and planning something for December too.  I shall be playing my drag role of Flossy Sunshine in September. 

House of Deviant has a website now.  Check it out!

I’m considering going to Pride in Cardiff as Flossy Sunshine too; I’m helping out on Innovate Trust’s stall for the Pride event.

I’ve been doing lots during the summer so far, including getting stuck in sinking sand at Weston super Mare!! Luckily someone helped me get out – I did feel quite scared.

I’ve been to the theatre to see The Lion King – it was amazing. I have a ‘Hynt’ card which means that my support staff can attend free of charge when I go to the theatre or arts events.  Tonight, we’re off to Cardiff Bay for drinks and food.

My boyfriend and I broke up; I didn’t really mind and I’m looking for a new partner now.  I’m off to Tenby again in September with mum and her partner – they’ve just got engaged and I’ll be a bridesmaid when they get married.

I’ve definitely been able to reconnect with everyone since lockdown finished.  I’ve seen a few of the All Wales members and been active with House of Deviant. I’ve also been to bingo (no luck so far though) and paddling in the stream near my house.  I picked blackberries earlier this week and we’re going to make a blackberry crumble.  Summer’s been great!

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