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Diary update, Kelsey: September 2022

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I’m away on hols next Friday. Katy and me are staying in a caravan with a few other friends.

The weather forecast isn’t great, but it won’t stop us doing stuff and having fun. We’ll still have a walk on the beach. Last time we went I almost got blown away!

I’m at my fiancé’s house tomorrow. We’re really excited about the wedding. I’ve got a wedding dress day planned for October so looking forward to that.

Cost of living:

I’m not feeling the effects of the cost-of-living situation.

Maybe because I live with my Mum and I’m not responsible for the bills. I haven’t noticed that it’s more expensive to travel to get to my groups either. I mostly get lifts to places and if I get the bus then I have a pass for me and a plus one.

I had a break from one of my groups recently but that was through choice rather than the cost of going.


I don’t remember the last time I was called for an annual health check. I’ve heard about them but I’m not sure what happens when you go for one. I don’t get called for one, but I’d go if the doctors invited me. They’re probably a good thing and important but I’m not that bothered because I feel confident about contacting the doctor’s and going to see them if I feel ill.

Health services are not great where we live. It’s hard to get a doctor’s appointment and the local pharmacy don’t always have the medication we’ve needed. My Mum had to change to use a different pharmacy further away.

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