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Diary update, Kelsey: September 2022

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I’ve been busy since we last had a catch up. I’ve chosen my wedding dress and hairstyle, and the bridesmaids have had dress fittings too. I was nervous but now I’d chosen a dress I’m really excited! Me and my fiancé are hoping to live together after the wedding. Maybe not straight away. Depends if we can find anywhere. We’re keeping an eye on options and what’s available.

I went on a caravan holiday to Porthcawl with a group of friends and some family. Overall it was good, but my ankle gave way and I fell at the start of the holiday. I still managed to get down to the beach and go on the fair, but it was hard getting around in pain. I made a cuddly bear which was good and I won a jackpot on the 2p machines! We rounded off the trip by going out for a lovely meal on the last night.


I’ve not been great health-wise lately. After hurting my ankle on holiday, I had an accident and fell down the stairs at home. The dog jumped up and pushed me backwards. It was agony when it happened, I was screaming in pain. My ankle looked black and blue and swelled up huge. I went to get an Xray to check the damage. I didn’t have to wait too long at the hospital. We went to the one in Llanelli. It took about an hour and a half to get an Xray then twenty minutes to get a support boot.

It’s badly sprained and I have to wear the boot for about six weeks. Gutted that I won’t be able to do my usual dance stuff.

Looking forward to the Your Voice Advocacy event at Liberty Stadium next week though!

Cost of living: I’m still ok with costs at the minute. Wedding plans are going ahead, and I’ve not had to cut corners. I’m still able to go out socialising and for a meal now and again as I would usually. Things are ticking over ok for me.

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