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Diary update, Kelsey, April 2023

author icon author icon 24/05/2023 author icon Member Stories

It seems like all I’ve done so far this week is cry! It’s been a rubbish week and I’m hoping from today it will be better. I’m going to do glitter tattoos at an event later. I enjoy that so fingers crossed things get better. Little problem but shouldn’t spoil the tattoos. The light that my fiancé bought me has broken and the replacement hasn’t arrived yet. If it doesn’t come in time then a friend has offered to lend me hers. A big relief.

What do I think about using cash or cashcards?

I’ve got an account with a cash card but my Mum helps me to manage it. I did try to use it but I almost managed to get the account blocked. I always use cash when I go out. I’ve never been anywhere where they refused to take cash but I know some places where it’s card only. I’s just go somewhere else if I couldn’t use cash somewhere.

If cash stopped being an option everywhere then I suppose I’d have to stop going out and that’d have a big impact on my mental health and independence. I get sad and depressed when I can’t go out.

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